My Story  

I grew up on Johns Island, South Carolina in a family that knows and loves the Lord. Thanks to the blessing of this family, I had a personal relationship with God at a very young age. This relationship continued to grow largely through involvement in my church community, especially youth group, and through attending Camp St. Christopher as a kid.

One summer, as a middle school camper, I decided to stay after chapel to pray with the chaplain. I can’t remember what he talked about that night, but I remember realizing how little my actions reflected my desire to follow Christ. On the surface, I was a good kid who knew a fair amount of Bible trivia. When alone, however, I rarely did anything to further my relationship with God. I would pray at night before bed and occasionally pick up my Bible, but did little more than that. It was on this night at camp that God awakened a desire in me to pursue Him wholeheartedly without any more reservations. Little did I know that this would be the first of many nights that God would deepen my faith at this summer camp.

After my days as a camper, I became a counselor and staff member. These were perhaps the most formative years for my faith. During these years, I learned how to worship, how to pray, how to share the gospel, and how to disciple others in their faith. I also learned God’s grace as I continually made mistakes in leading, yet God continually forgave and used me again. Over time, I began to realize that God was using these summers to train me for full-time ministry. 

In college, I helped lead a Life Group where I continued to grow in leadership and especially in prayer and worship. As I grew in these areas, my sense that God was calling me into ministry also grew. I eventually realized the need to take this calling more seriously. To help with my personal discernment, I decided to intern at Holy Cross on Sullivan’s Island.

At Holy Cross, I served for three years in various positions as a Youth Ministries intern, a campus worship leader, and an interim Communications Director. Through these ministries I was able to experience different aspects of church leadership and learned what it means to be a pastor. It wasn’t long before I grew to love this church and the many people with whom I’d had the privilege to serve. Leaving for seminary has been more difficult than I had anticipated due to the friendships I made and the love I had developed for this congregation. Even so, I couldn’t shake God’s calling on my life and eventually began the formal discernment process for ordained ministry.

After several meetings and evaluations with different groups and committees, my diocese affirmed my call to ministry and decided to send me to Beeson Divinity School. Already, in the short time I’ve been here, I have grown to love this school. The professors are both challenging and pastoral, and my fellow classmates are a constant encouragement to my faith. I will be at this school for three years after which I will hopefully return to my diocese in South Carolina. Until then, I am excited to see how God continues to form and strengthen me in my faith. If you would like to follow along in my time at Beeson, I will post regular updates, as well as specific prayer requests, on this blog.